Welcome to the creative age.

We are no longer passive consumers sitting in front of the telly – we are active creators, editors and publishers. We are all creating and consuming more content than we have ever before.

For your marketing to succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd – you need to implement an effective creative marketing strategy.

Cobolt Blue Marketing is a design and marketing agency, located in the beautiful city of Cape Town. The agency delivers integrated marketing consultancy for its clients, who represent a very wide range of industry sectors – from blue-chip to start-up and all in-between.

We are a design and marketing agency that offers high quality strategic and creative work to its clients. We are also very professional and great fun to work with. We are very responsive and know how to get things done quickly. Apart from that, we offer great value across the board.  If this sounds like the type of  agency you would like to work with, why not drop us a line to discuss how we are able to help you to achieve your marketing goals.